Would you like to give your team a way to stand out?

Did you know that more and more startups are turning to cartoon avatars because they’re easier for people to remember? 

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Your company deserves to have a professional appearance. Start with your profile picture.

Did you know that more and more startups are turning to cartoon avatars because they’re easier for people to remember? This can be useful for marketing purposes because the iconic characters help the customer connect to the brand.

cartoonavatar.com provides engaging team cartoon avatars, snappy drawings that tell your team’s story through their images. The group of professional illustrators works together with proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge technology to create unique, one-of-a-kind, funny cartoons that showcase who your team really is.

Using cartoon avatars for your profile picture is the quickest, easiest way to make sure everything you produce looks professional.

Cartoon avatars can be used for employee profile pictures, team members, company hierarchies, group photographs, anyone on any size of company. These wide variety of cartoon avatars create a fun and interesting persona. Team cartoon avatars are great to use for lot’s of things. They can be used as a visual representation of the team on your company website, or as an unending fun project. You can also show them with postings on social media and printed products with your team cartoon avatars.

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With Cartoon Avatar, you never have to worry about not having the right photo again.

Cartoon avatars of employees and team members can be used in various places such as meet the team pages, LinkedIn profiles, chat support, and email signature. The variety of cartoon avatars creates a better impression of the company. More and more startups are turning to cartoon avatars because it is easier for people to remember to these iconic characters help connect with the company brand in a way that marketing purposes in the future.

Want to stand out and show off your unique branding and logo? Our avatar designers will create a cartoon image that you can use on all of your branding materials.